© claire le pape 2019

the w(e)aves

Indeed water and liquid elements are very present in Le Pape's work, as well through her inspirations - Virgina Woolf's novel "The Waves" is one of her favorite's - as in her choice of materials (fishing line, ink and watercolor), or work topics.

But though nylon fiber is one of the artist's favorite material, she is aware of its environnemental impact, which creates a conflict with her commitment in many other aspects of her personal life.

In 2015, she started to use the reclaimed "ghostnet" she had been collecting for years on various beaches, considering these sea wastes as a material as noble as wool or silk.

Unweaving the cords and re-purposing them into huge, complex formats, she tries to fill a better environnemental commitment and call the attention on our seas pollution, as much as on the tragedies occurring everyday on migrants ships.

The "Dy(e)ing project" is about water pollution too, balancing between fascination and repulsion for textile dying pigments that produce enchanting colors but also destroy aquatic ecosystems, and the humans living by.