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Atmospheric spaces, uncertain topologies, aquatic environments, translucent skins...

My artistic practice is about the notion of interstice, interfaces, limits, and the ways we confront the flesh of the world, the others, ourselves. What does tear us apart, screens us, protects us or connects us ?


Through various mediums - textile, drawing, installation, photography - I explore the porosity between the visible and the invisible, in an attempt to erase the duality between material and immaterial.

Rituals, constancy and long-duration are an important part of my process, though I am not attached to produce series. My works shapes as a rhizomatic structure : topics develop on a large time scale, with progressive additions that are more or less dense or light; they sometimes link or fuse, sometimes consist in satellital productions.

They are rooted in universal questions - metaphysical or societal - and are informed by hard sciences as much as spiritual traditions, literature, psychoanalysis or anthropology: color and metaphysics, skin and social relations, water and environmental and geopolitical issues.

As an expert of psychic and symbolic stakes of textile medium as a language, I wish to give back their original sense to some common expressions that became overused in French language, such as "tisser des liens" (litterally "to weave links").

Thereby I activate the notion of "re-liance" ("being linked again") developed by Belgian sociologist Marcel Bolle de Bal. To pursue this task I develop participative projects, actions implying collect and gleaning, and poetic and plastic forms of writing.


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