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Born in Rennes en 1978. Currently lives and works Bordeaux.


Claire Le Pape is a multidisciplinary artist.

Informed by a former experience as a fashion designer and embroidery specialist, she develops her practice in the field of visual arts, research and transmission.

Her creative process was initiated by the technique of tapestry weaving - eventually being selected for the prestigious Triennale de Tournai in 2008 - but soon enriched with several mediums such as  drawing, photography, installation and performance.

Her works received several awards and a grant from Institut Français for a residency in New-York in 2019.

Her practice is also drawn to participatives forms. After a training in art-therapy, Le Pape recently graduated from University Bordeaux-Montaigne, where she studied in a Art and Social Action Master degree.

She loves working with the public, specifically in the social and medical fields, and develops a research helped by an international group of artists and academic researchers.

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